Il Lago Maggiore

The Lago Maggiore,one of the greatest of our peninsula, spread over an area of 212 square kilometers.
Its banks along a total length of 150 Miles. and more, starting from the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland and coming up in Sesto Calende (Va), bathing waters two regions: Piedmont and Lombardy, three provinces: Novara, Varese, Verbano Cusio Ossola.
Nestled in the foothills of the Alps , the Lago Maggiore, of clear glacial origin, has the frame by rolling hills on the lower Novarese, a very high peaks some perpetually covered with snow, in the higher part of the Verbano.
These features make it, riparian areas, the climate is temperate, milder in winter compared to inner areas, and cooled by breezes that impel every summer by changing the color of her mirror. Always in relation to its mild climate, in the coastal area has meant that you can set many types of flowers and plants, they usually dwell in sub tropical areas.